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Constructive Shamanism workshop in Lithuania 2016.

Vytautas V Landsbergis and Guoda Bardauskate at the Forest Temple

Forest Temple, drawing Marco Casagrande

Forest Temple is a result of the Constructive Shamanism workshop in Lithuania, 2016. A multi-disciplinary tribe of artists, artisans, architects, writers, photographers, yogis and children of forest gathered in the ancient lands of Vytautas V Landsbergis to perform architectural rituals connecting the modern man with nature. Living in tents and teepees and eating from the nature, the tribe started to do a circular meditative movement to connect a handful of pine trees with natural linen rope. The result is insect architecture, a man-made semi-transparent cocoon swinging together with the trees. Architecture is the art of reality. There is no other reality than nature.

3 km of linen rope.

Author: Marco Casagrande
First Mate: Jan Tyrpekl
Curator: Guoda Bardauskaite / Constructive Shamanism
Team: Marco Casagrande, Jan Tyrpekl, Hans-Petter Bjørnådal, Gregory Eeman, Waldo de Keersmaeker, Greta Strikulienė, Clement Le Roux, Vaidotas Stalilionis, Algima Barodzisaitė, Vitalija Orlovaitė, Julija Činčytė, Kamilė Krasauskaitė
Size: Dimension 7 meters, height 15 meters
Materials: 3000 m hand-made linen rope
Completed: 2016
Photos: Berta Tilmantaite, Lidija Kaleinikovaitė
Linen rope: Žemaičių virvės
Kindly supported by Vytautas V. Landsbergis


Construction in the Lithuanian forest. 

Jan Tyrpekl

Constructive Shamanism Tribe


Vytautas V Landsbergis

Marco Casagrande


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