sunnuntai 3. tammikuuta 2010

Urban Nomad

Tamkang University Department of Architecture
4th year design studion / C-LAB
T-Factory, Sanjhih, Taiwan

Urban Nomad / Student Yu-Chen Chiu:

Urban Nomad vehicle in transport mode.

Crossing the distance from Danshui to Sanjhih in the Taipei County.

Shelter-mode in the T-Factory ruin, Sanhih.

Section of the shelter. Low-tech Transformers. The front-wheel is moved to a natural ventilation divice on top.

Urban Nomad architecture.

Scooter battery that is recharged during the bicycling and powering a light and laptop during the camping.

Urban nomad taking shelter in the ruins.

Yu-Chen is continuing to work with C-Laboratory as one of the researchers in the Jong-Hua Road station.

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  1. Like it allot I made a yurt form jeans and carpets and i was thinking of making the crown out of a bike wheel. You can see it at my blog.

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